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Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Protect Yourself From A Criminal Attacker?

NEW ENTRY for Saturday morning....
This entry may provide some knowledge for you when you're out there ...
Who knows ...
What will happen?

hope this entry will save you from danger that you do not know..

1st STEP:
  • Get your mind to think you can do anything for your safety. 
  • Go over in your mind what you would do if ____________? TODAY?
  • Get a pepper spray or a personal Alarm. 
  • Always let someone know where you are going.[MUST!]
  • Survival Steps for you to know to be Safe.
  • Keep your mind open to what you have to do. 
  • Do Not let fear take over you! Put that aside it's your life that will change. 
  • Scan the area for your options .
  • Know what the outcome is if you DON'T.
  • With that being said...lets take a look at what you need to know and do to protect yourself if you were confronted by a criminal. Talking to yourself today is easy with cell phones and being in the car no one will know you are getting your head together.
2nd STEP:
Crazy people are afraid of crazy people.
Think about that and know what to do with it.
It could be the best self defenses you have to work with in order survive an attack.rite?While walking down the street that you do not feel safe.

  • Start singing at the top of your lungs as if you were on American Idol..
  • Have a conversation with yourself and answer yourself ..
  • Make like you are REALLY CRAZY,so they will be afraid of you and my detour your attacker.
  • Take your high heels and use it as a weapon.[girls ONLY!]
  • Use whatever you have to protect yourself.

*Knowing the risks of your options will determine the outcome so if your decision is not to give him your wallet then your chance of getting hurt will increase.
*Remember everything can be re-placing except your life. It's not really worth the risk.
What does the attacker want, most likely your Valuables or Rape.

3rd STEP:
Do everything you can to not leave the location of the attack for several reason's one is that if the attacker wants you to go to another location then he is not comfortable with this spot.
Their may be too many people around or he has done this before and thinks someone is watching him, so when he tries to get you in the car.
Don't do it!!!
I would rather be cut with a knife then get into a car and have him take me to some location where no one will ever find me. 

When you need to Escape ???
  • This is the time when everything you have in you will have to take over.
  • Know this the sooner you escape the better!!!
  • Try not to think about the fact that he says:

  • I will kill you if you don't get in the car!!!

  • Don't make a sound!!!

  • I will cut your neck!!!

  • I know this sound crazy but you are fighting for your life..

  • Do whatever you have to do to escape.

  • "The sooner the better."

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xRaafikx said...

good info. tenkiu very much. tapi, siang kang baru baca, skang mata tak larat nak membaca. :p

aNiss said...

okie dokie..

xRaafikx said...

ehe. eh, tak takut ke kawan dengan saya ? saya criminal. ahaa. :p

aNiss said...

ahahhaha..mane ader criminal mngaku dier jahat..

xRaafikx said...

oh, takde eh ? ingatkan ada. ehe. so, boleh la saya kawan dengan awak ? :D

aNiss said...

bukan kite mmg kawan ker?

xRaafikx said...

ouh, kita memang kawan eh ? lupa pulak. sorry. sorry. :D

iklan...sila klik!! :)

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